Unexpected features of the Canon 7D Mark II

I have been using a Canon camera since my (very) early photography days..for those of my age: it was an FTb ! I have recently swapped my 7D with the new 7D Mark II, after having used it for about four years and 10’000 shots in 5 continents.

As many of you probably do, I went through quite a lot of technical reviews prior to placing my order. Needless to say that those simply gave me a little more encouragement regarding a buying decision that was already made ! Once I received the camera, I was really pleased in discovering some small improvements with respect to the elder sister that were absolutely not mentioned on the hi-tech reviews that I had encountered, and I thought it could be interesting to mention them on this blog.

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Touch and Feel

Canon has changed the rubberized material that covers the camera’s body, providing a much ‘warmer’ feeling to the user. Watch out: you will get easily acquainted to that and you will not feel it in some time, but the first impression is really nice.

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Silent shooting

Silent shooting features have been added to the Drive Mode selection. You can shoot up to 4 fps with less shooting sound than the standard mode : not too bad !

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Multiple exposure on same frame

This is a cute little feature that allows some creativity : you can merge up to nine shots in one image. Imagine the sequence of an athlete jumping an hurdle, a biker saluting you or you talking to yourself ….

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Time lapse

Time lapse videos are becoming more popular and if you want to try shooting one, the camera gives you the opportunity, without having to purchase an external timer.

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Quick picture style access

The picture style selection is not lost somewhere in the menu ! Now it is easily accessible through the ‘creative’ button on the camera rear.

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Level display in viewfinder

I must admit it: many times I do have a problem with a tilted horizon once I check my pictures, even with the displayed grid. Now Canon has introduced a displayable level in shooting mode that can help even further !

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100 - 400  + 1,4x extender

Last but not least : I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that with this camera, the magic couple works with autofocus !

...... I'm pretty sure I'll discover more !

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